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Navigating IRS tax or local tax laws can be difficult and stressful. You should consult with a tax lawyer any time you have a question about income, estate, sales and any other excise taxes.

Contact a Tax Attorney During and Prior to Tax Return Preparation.

When an accountant prepares a tax return, it is as if the Internal Revenue Service is doing so (meaning that many tax income and deduction items that could save a taxpayer money but are not clear-cut as to taxability, are reported by the accountant with a bias for the Internal Revenue Service and not the taxpayer). Tax lawyers will treat the very same items with a bias in favor of the taxpayer, not the Internal Revenue Service. Accountants cannot practice law–but tax lawyers have advanced degrees in tax law in particular, as well as their law degrees and licenses, and solid experience in litigation.

Contact a Tax Attorney After Filing Tax Returns:

  • If you are not sure you agree with your accountant.
  • The IRS disagrees with what you filed.
  • If you receive notice of an audit.

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