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If you need an attorney or have a legal question, the Orange County Bar Association Lawyer Referral and Information Service is here to help. We assist more than 3,000 people each year with legal matters.

The OCBA Lawyer Referral and Information Service can refer you to one of more than 100 attorneys from all areas of law. If we determine that you don't need a lawyer, we may be able to refer you to outside resources and organizations that might be better suited for your needs.

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Practice Areas


  • Divorce
  • Child custody / support
  • Guardianship

Consumer law

  • Small claims court
  • Consumer fraud
  • Debt collection / repossesion


  • Contracts and commercial litigation
  • Business formation
  • Collections / liens

Real estate

  • Construction
  • Landlord / tenant
  • Closing documents

Personal injury

  • Medical malpractice
  • Libel / slander / harassment
  • Product liability

Estate planning and probate

  • Wills / trusts / power of attorney
  • Guardianship
  • Probate


  • Felony
  • Misdemeanor
  • Traffic offenses

Employment law

  • Discrimination
  • Benefits
  • Non-compete / non-disclosure

And more

  • Intellectual property
  • Immigration
  • Civil rights law
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